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next-generator Issue: Various code not being created

Name: Various code not being created
ID: 1
Project: next-generator
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: Low
Status: Closed
Related URL:
Creator: Callem Pittard
Created: 11/05/09 10:33 PM
Updated: 12/19/10 11:04 AM
Description: Upon generating CFC's i noticed various pieces of information missing from the DAO's and Beans:

Arguments being passed in without names followed by calls to an unnamed variable.

<cfargument name="" type="" required="true" />
<cfqueryparam value="#arguments..geth_assocId()#" CFSQLType="cf_sql_integer" />

in the Beans the validation is only generated for the first field - followed by comments missing their validation code.

History: Created by chips (Callem Pittard) : 11/05/09 10:33 PM

Comment by DominicWatson (Dominic Watson) : 11/06/09 2:37 AM
Hi Callem, which project template are you seeing this behaviour with? If all of them, could you provide more detail (database system, etc)?

Comment by chips (Callem Pittard) : 04/20/10 1:46 AM
Sorry, only just noticed you replied - was a fair while ago that i touched this i've since forgotten what i was on about :S

Updated by DominicWatson (Dominic Watson) : 12/19/10 11:04 AM
Closing, no detail to go by.

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