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next-generator Issue: Requires Model Glue

Name: Requires Model Glue
ID: 2
Project: next-generator
Type: Bug
Area: Documentation
Severity: Low
Status: Closed
Related URL:
Creator: Sarfraz Chandio
Created: 12/17/10 1:38 PM
Updated: 12/18/10 10:08 AM
Description: I installed this app, got the error on first page:
Could not find the included template /ModelGlue/gesture/ModelGlue.cfm

Does it require MG?
History: Created by sarfraz (Sarfraz Chandio) : 12/17/10 1:38 PM

Updated by DominicWatson (Dominic Watson) : 12/18/10 10:08 AM
Yes. Have fixed up the requirements in Riaforge.

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